my stories

Here are links and descriptions of all my little stories. Enjoy!

Riding the Bus
I don't know what to do to not look like a student.

Swing and a Miss
A horrifying moment with the family.

Sports World
A fun outing gone wrong.

Car Troubled
 Idiots get towed too.

Awkward at Starbucks Pt. 2

Awkward at Starbucks Pt. 1

 Un-Love Connection
Worst planned/executed set-up ever.

Escape From Japan
The fun of trying to make a transfer flight with way too little allotted time.

Piling up dishes + empty milk crate = genius idea.
(p.s. This was originally titled "Bussing" because there no spell check in the title frame and I was really tired when I posted it. The misspelling will forever be embedded in the url of this post.)

My Bank Job
 A tale of my social interaction fail with a bank teller.

My Battle With Otto
This is what happens when you go Mano-a-not-mano with your computer.

Burning Bulbs
You know how when growing up, you hated it when your parents repeatedly yelled at you for leaving your light on when you left your room? I did but you know what? Now I remember to always turn off lights. (It's kind of a compulsion actually.) So then why is it so hard for other people?

Ring of Fire
Like an Alzheimer's patient, I keep going back and getting sun-burned by tanning beds.

You Pulled Me Over For Doing What?
The woeful tale of the time that I got pulled over in a sketchy town, when driving home after a concert.

Stuck in the Snow
Fun battling the some unexpected snow.

Non-Uniform Expression
This is what happens when you can't hear the school announcements. Thanks, school.

Riding With Strangers
Don't you hate when you don't have anyone to drive you home from the car service place?

Escaping the embarrassment of a high school crush not returning the sentiment.

The Day I Used A Phonebook
Why blackout? Why?!?

How to Survive a 12-Hour Plane Trip
Need I say more?

My Screenplay
Back in the day, I had to write a screenplay for a class. Here it is for your amusement.

Liquid Assets
I thought donating plasma was a good idea.

A Lauren By Any Other Name
Once, when I was in college, I thought it would be fun to change my name.

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