Apr 23, 2011


There was a period in my life that I now like to refer to as The Bus Bin Days. This was the first year that I shared an apartment but had my own bedroom. Since I spent so much time in my room, I would eat all my meals at my computer desk. Because I sometimes lack forethought, or because I only go to the kitchen when I'm looking for food, dishes and glasses could accumulate in ridiculous amounts.

Aparantly I either have an iMac that runs
Windows or I don't have a CPU. Hmmm...

On day I had a brilliant idea. I had and empty milk crate.

I collected all my dishes and plates and bowls and crap in it and was able to take it all to the kitchen in one trip. I was a genius! So I cleared a spot on a little table in my bedroom, placed the empty milk crate on it and proceeded to place all my used dishes in it as I used them.
Soooo many dishes.

My bus-bin was born!

Days or weeks would go by before taking my bin out to the kitchen to wash. Roommate started to notice that one day the dishwasher would be empty and the next 3/4 full. She noticed that we would be nearly out of dishes in the cabinet but they were no where to be found.

Finally, she one day came in my room looking for the vanishing dishes.
 I explained about my bus-bin. At least my dishes are making it out eventually?
Bus bins are a-MAZING!
We then spent the duration of the year playing a fun game where I would try to empty my bin at least once a week and when I took too long, I was yelled at.

Somehow we managed to stay friends.


  1. Haha! We are much too similar for our own good. I never had a bus bin (you're smart) but I had dishes in my room for weeks sometimes and always felt ashamed when I got scolded. Now I don't let myself eat in my room and it's not an issue. Not food, no dishes.

    Simply Kate

  2. I am having that very issue right now. I've been much more hermit-like lately, and they just keep piling up and piling up. I decided the other day that I need to take one or two every time I come upstairs so it's a little less conspicuous. :)

  3. I definitely need to teach this to my sister.

    I don't really have this problem, as I tend to eat on the run from one place to another.

    My sister, however, keeps enough dishes in her room to put food on for a week. lmao.


  4. My brother does this in our basement. But he puts the dishes in the laundry room sink instead. lol.

  5. Lol great closer.... But I wouldn't even make it to the bus bin, just buried in dishes, probably with dirty panties in them for good measure.

  6. @Katie: I was never able to stop myself from eating in my room. I'm better about dish removal now though because I only have a side table and not a whole desk for them to pile on.

    @Stacey: Good plan. Just make sure more are going up than are going down!

    @Ashley: Yes, it's better than them never leaving her room, even if it's kinda gross.

    @Ebun: Oh no, so he has tons and tons of space to stack them. Your family should make him wash them down there before bringing them up.

    @Liddy: Ahhhh nice.

  7. I ate in my room too. But after each meal I'd take my dishes back out to the kitchen and put 'em in the sink as if a diff. roommate left them there. This equals no cleaning on my part. Ha.

  8. Wow...I never came up with an idea that good...I just tried to do the "responsible" thing...a bus bin would have been a much better choice!


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