Hire me!

All the graphics on my blog are done by me but since they're all cartoons, other examples of my work can be found here!

Contact me: about.to.blog@gmail.com if interested and payments can be made through paypal.
If you need something that doesn't fit into any of the below categories, let me know what you need and I will quote you a price.

Special offer!
$25 - Bloggers Starter Pack:
1 Small Button, 1 Header, 1 Background, 1 Favicon
This purchase will also make you eligible for the returning customer 20% discount for additional graphics.

$5 - (10-50px) X-Small: Favicons, Page Tabs

$8 - (10-150px) Small: Button/Emblem/Avatar/Logo/Widget

$10 - (>150-200px) Medium: Button/Ad/Wiget/Logo

$15 - (>200-500px)  Large: Button/Logo/Widget

$15 - (>500px) Extra Large: Headers, FB Page Covers, Logos

$15-$20 - Background
I will happily create backgrounds for your blog but price will vary greatly depending on the complexity of it. Contact me for a quote!

Discounts! (Also applies if you are a returning customer)
10% off for two items
15% off for three items
20% off for four or more items
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