Feb 19, 2011

Stuck in the Snow

It was the worst snow storm since I can remember. At least it was the worst at a point in my life that I had to drive anywhere. And yes I HAD to go out in it. We're not allowed to call out of work for snow. I had actually even checked the forecast that day which is unusual for me and there was only supposed to be something like 1-3 inches. Apparently the forecast changed sometime after I had gone to bed so even if I checked it again I still would have been screwed. I wake up, get bundled up and step outside. I think, "Yikes. That's a lot of snow," or I might have said it out-loud to myself since I talk to myself on a fairly regular basis.  It was at least 12".
So that wasn't cool at all. I haven't driven in snow a lot so I thought that maybe if I could just get started, my car will be able to drive up over the snow! After 10 minutes of trying to get my car out of the spot I'm snowed into, I realize that I'm crazy for trying and even if it was a little bit do-able I'd never make it up the parking lot driveway. And my car is sticking at least 4' out of my parking spot so I don't know what the hell I'm supposed to do about that even if I can find an alternate way to work. I figure I'll just take it one step at a time and I try to call for a cab so that I'll at least make it to work. No dice. All I got were busy signals, and ringing with no answer. What else? I decide to address my stuck in the snow car. I call for a tow truck. And the call center person tells me she doesn't know how long it will be but a driver will call me back eventually. I wasn't sure what my plan was here but I hoped he could at least get my car back in it's spot and thought maybe I could pay him to drive me to work. I'm already at least an hour late to work at this point. 

The driver was much more obliging than I expected and I went outside to wait for him in my car. When I got outside I see another girl trying to shovel her car out. I guess she saw my car stuck in the snow and thought, "yeah, I think I can do better than that." She had friends who were out at a bar who needed a ride since all the taxis were super busy, as I discovered. 
I told her, "you can try, but I don't think your car can make it either." And she did try. Clearly this girl was even smarter than I thought. Not as hard as I did though so her car wasn't stuck 4' out of the space she was in. She gave up and walked back to her apartment and the tow truck showed up shortly.

He helped me get my car back into place and then drove me to work, now over two hours late, and didn't even charge me for anything. I did give him a very generous tip for all his help. It was well deserved. That was the only good thing that happened that night. I walk up to the door only to find that my ID badge which opens the door has been left at home. Oh yay. Now I get to solicit the help of a co-worker to come and let me in. Whoops. But I made it. Now I have to work faster than I ever had to because the other guy who does my job couldn't make it either. And I'm already two hours behind.

I got a ride home after work, and yes, totally left early, after the most exhausting 6 hours ever that should not involve some kind of sport. I arrive home and go to my car to go out for groceries... and the battery is dead.

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