Nov 30, 2011

A Challenge

I was challenged to a, well, challenge, by and while I don't usually participate in meme stuff at all I felt compelled to do this one cause I was one of two to be challenged. I however, will not pass it along cause it's not my style. Remember those chain emails (forward this to a million people or you will-have-bad-luck/die/get-cancer/never-find-love/etc. that used to be all over the internet? Yeah, not from me! Anyway.

"Challenge: List seven previous blog posts based on various criteria, and then issue the challenge to several other bloggers."

Most Beautiful: I'm
I'm not sure how a blog post can be "beautiful" but luckily I sometimes post pretty pictures so I'll go with I Did Miss My Bed... It's a photo I took in Florida on my trip there.

Most Controversial:
I really don't post anything controversial so I'll have to say How to Not Make Friends at Work because a number of my co-workers could read it and think its about them. But it was actually inspired by someone I no longer work with.

Most Helpful:
I guess the previous choice could have been used for this one but TOO LATE. I also don't post anything particularly helpful but I will choose How to Date a Co-Worker because, as long as you understand that it's entirely sarcastic, it will keep you from making as ass of yourself with a co-worker love interest.

Post Whose Success Surprised:
Last year there was an episode of Psych, where they ate tons of cinnamon pie at some diner. I needed to know what I was missing and made one and posted it and it got an average amount of attention. Until sometime in October when people started searching for variations of "cinnamon pie recipe psych," and "cinnamon festival." "Cinnamon Festival" now has 340 views!

Post I'm Most Proud Of:
I love them all equally! Okay probably not but I don't know if I really have one I'm most proud of over ALL the others. I will chose After Sundown This Thing's a Vampire Magnet. What I like about it was how good the water cooler came out in the picture. You may have seen it more recently in the posts from # 2&3. Yeah I recycle graphic elements so I can get them done faster. Deal with it.

Post That Got Undeserved Attention:
I feel like this is the same as the surprising success one... I'm cheating a little by picking one from my recipe blog but whatever, I'm going with What do You Call Cheese That's Not Yours? It is a simple cheese nachos recipe that's almost not a recipe but got over 400 hits many of which from people searching "chips and shredded cheese." Oh and it all happened in pretty much one day! If anyone knows why the whole US was searching that on that day, please enlighten me!

And that should do it! Feel free to be challenged to do this by me if you want to.

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