Nov 28, 2011

I Win Xmas!

So remember last week when I was like, "yeah lets take a break from television even though I'll regret it later on?" Well, I didn't think about most of the shows breaking for Thanksgiving and I have almost no material for this week.

So I actually had to think about something to post and this week bring you my favorite Xmas commercials! I'm just excited about Xmas. Which I will forever call Xmas because of Futurama. Xmas!

Xmas Eve
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So here they are. There are probably more but these are what I thought of.

The seal-y Coca-Cola commercial. Possibly my favorite commercial of all time with one contender being the Irish-dancing Folgers commercial. How could you ever drink Pepsi after looking at the face of this seal?!?

M&Ms. The first time I saw this it took me a while to realize that Santa was referring to the walking/talking M&M's as existing. I guess I was too aware that it was a commercial.

Hershey Kisses. I love the one that's exhausted from all the ringing.

Walmart. I know a lot of people hate Walmart on principle and I agree with their opinions but I love Carol of the Bells and anything choreographed to it.

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