May 26, 2011

How To Date a Co-Worker

I'm not saying it works, but in my experience, this is aparantly how it's done. In the spirit of full disclosure, I will admit that I am guilty of using parts of this method along with being the victim of them.

Step 1) Acquire Target
Spot someone you think you'd like to date and focus your efforts on them.
2) Make Audible Connection
Find a way to communicate with Target in a neutral location, putting your target at ease and allowing for nonchalance.
2) Friend on Facebook Immediately
The sooner the better. If your Target is dumb enough they won't read between the lines and know immediately that you are hunting them.
4) Approach in Target's Natural Habitat.
Find your Target in their workspace and attempt communication with them. Don't bother to notice if they seem uncomfortable or not, keep trying until they appear to not be scared of you.
5) Invite Them to an Outside Event
If you can get Target to spend time with you outside of your workplace, you will have every opportunity to seduce them. Use of Facebook is recommended for this step.

6) Rinse and Repeat
Even if your Target is unresponsive to ALL of these steps, keep trying because there's no way that won't push them away farther.


  1. Ha! If I had a coworker I would totally try this on them...

  2. You could try it on Connor but that's illegal and stuff.


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