Apr 24, 2011

All About ME!

New day themes are debuting THIS week. Yayyyyyyy!
You may remember weeks and weeks ago when I got the Versatile Blogger award from fellow blogger Lesley. Shortly after that I was awarded another award but since it required me to pass it along to other blogs and I hadn't really gotten to know many of the blogs I was subscribed too, I was unable to accept it. At the time.

Now that I've been better at reading, commenting and getting to know more blogs... I bring you my:
Pretty sweet right? I wonder who it was that designed it because I like it. I think I should create an award and see where it turns up. Anyway, it was awarded to me back in March by Syida over at Glowing Snow. Thanks!!! I'm honored.

Okay so now I have to list 7 things about myself and award it to other bloggers.

1) I hate showering (I still do it because, ew.)
2) I love Diet Coke.
3) I recycle everything I can, even if it means having to take my corrugated cardboard to some random place that recycles it (usually a supermarket).
4) I have never colored my hair. I have used peroxide to lighten it.
5) My mom grew up in England.
6) I have an awesome blog (two actually) :P
7) MY favorite perfumes (technically eau de toilet) are CK Contradiction and Coach... I don't think it has a name.

Okay and the Award goes to...:
(I chose to not repeat any of the blogs that got my last one)
A Quick Succession of Busy Nothings
Too Hard to Find a URL
Simply Kate
100Miles Highway
Kindness Patience Balance
After Nine to Five
The Upside Down Cupcake

Oh, but that's not all!
Recently I ALSO got this award from not only Nabo of New Life but also from Shannon of Shanimal's Crackers! Funilliy enough, Shannon got her's from Nabo also. So I guess that's like my first one was squared... as in (award)ˆ2. Non math people so won't get that. Ok so there's no way I can award it to double blogs for both so I'm only awarding it to one awards worth. But I guess I can give you double facts. That is so many facts for this post. Sorry.

Thing I have to do #1: Tell everyone who I received this award from.
Thing I have to do #2: Tell everyone my dirty secrets. Whoops. What I meant was "Tell everyone seven totally and completely RANDOM facts about myself." Because if you're not random enough, then you don't deserve this versatility honor...
Thing I have to do #3: Give this super unrelated-from-all-the-other-awards-out-there prize to seven other versatile bloggers.

1) My favorite Disney characters are Stitch and Tinkerbell
2) My favorite Pixar character is Wall-e (M-O is a close second.)
3) I'm secretly a workaholic (which is weird cause I don't even know what 'workahol" is.
4) When this video gets 40,000 hits I start making money off of it: How to Caramelize Onions (hint hint).
5) I've held 15 jobs/internships (more soon to come).
6) I dream to one day be a mediator.
7) I have a phobia of grapes and blueberries.
8) I think a pineapple makes an awesome gift.
9)I love glitter and things that sparkle.
10) My middle toe goes numb when my feet get cold.
11) I used to want to be just like Sandra Bullock (don't know why).
12) I wish I could play the piano.
13) I like anyone who can make me laugh.
14) My ears are pierced three times.

That was a lot of stuff about me. Again. I'm sorry.

And this award goes to.......
(again, no repeats)
The Post Modern Talko
Dr. Heckle
The Vegetable Assassin
The Colorful Rants of a Fed Up Sista
The Glitter and the Gray
A Little Bit of Sunshine Damnit
Perpetually Me

That's so much stuff that I'm gonna just wrap this up now. Have an awesome week!


  1. Congrats on the awards honey! You definitely deserve them! And thanks so much for passing one on to me! I already have that one, but thank you! You're a doll!

    And I wish I could play the piano too!

    Simply Kate

  2. Ya know, I never did my blog from the award you gave me last time. Of course, I've been terrible at blogging lately all together. Real life has been keeping me busy lately.

  3. The jerk in me just wants to post pictures of blueberries and grapes all over your wall now. ;) I'll refrain, though, since I actually like you and stuff...

    *cough*de facto*cough*

  4. ZOMG!!

    Yes, I started a comment with that.

    I got an award!! (This is my first award...I'm allowed to get all giddy and excited, right?)

    Thank you, thank you so much. Now I have to go to my internship and subsequently class, but when I get home tonight, I will be sharing completely random facts (because I much prefer that to "dirty secrets") and giving my awards :)

    Have I mentioned I love you?

  5. @Rob: Yeah wtf? Actually I don't really care. But you should take a break from your life and blog more for us.

    @Ashley: Yes, you're allowed! I felt the same way.

  6. Your blog is so fun!! I'm so glad that I found it!


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