Apr 25, 2011

Turtles Are Condescending

Welcome to the premiere of Media Monday! yaaaaayyyyy... Okay so as part of my revamp, I have moved TV day over here to Monday. It actually makes more sense anytime I do "this week" recap because I can then do a Sunday-Friday week, rather than Thurs-Wed one. Also if I have nothing to say that's related to TV I can include other media types in my Monday posts.

Okay, so remember how you were thinking how much you wished that Christan Slater was on tv? Me either. I gave this one a shot since Hulu suggested it to me and boy-o-boy is it crappy. Consider yourself warned.

Oh the wonderful world of online dating. 
I have a turtle.

Saw this coming miles and miles and miles away. Still sad though.
He was.
I'm enjoying Happy Endings. This week we got another Scrubs [Med School] person making an appearance. Which was awesome cause I loved Drew. Maybe even more than Denise. I'm hoping he comes back regularly.
Happy Endings


  1. Heehee, I'm trying to figure out how turtles can be condescending and I just can't come up with anythings. I guess there's really not supposed to be any logic to it.

  2. Parks and Recreation is probably my favorite non-cartoon TV show right now. I was devastated when they 'canceled' it a year ago, and nearly pooped my pants when they brought it back. Sure, it makes my state look terrible, but they also make it hilarious.

  3. Aw, I like turtles, haha. I've never seen Parks & Recreation.

    I know! I didn't want Adam to get fired. But maybe he'll find a better job; he really wasn't happy once this new guy took over. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy who wants to work at a company where a guy named Spider is in charge of the design team anyway, haha!

    I'm enjoying Happy Endings too. I forgot that guys was on Scrubs! I knew he looked familiar, but I was away so I didn't have IMDB at my fingertips like I usually do, lol. I like how he just kinda dropped from the ceiling at night and would then climb right back up!

  4. @Lauren: I think you are the only person I know who actually watched the last season of Scrubs. I wish they kept it going even if it was kinda crappy.

  5. haha, I'm pretty loyal to show usually; I like to stick with them until the end. But I think that last season (the med school one) would've been better if the original characters were in every episode.


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