Mar 6, 2011

I'm Versatile. Who Knew?!

 NEWS NEWS NEWS! Ok, so I finally landed on a good theme for Sunday and dun da dun! It's Sunday News! (Yeah that's supposed to be a news paper and I think I did a pretty good job...) So like I have been, I'll report any blog changes or stuff I feel like reporting from my life on Sundays. I'll post this kind of stuff on other days if it's REALLY important. Such as... the "Blog You're About To Read" Facebook page that I made last week. W00t! And anytime you want to "like" it, I put a widget right over there <-- for your convenience. So if you're really reading and didn't just subscribe and move on with your life let me know with a 'like'! (P.S. I've REALLY fallen behind on my reading and commenting and I SWEAR I'm going to catch up SOON!)

Next up, I got my first official blog award!
How cool is that?! So thanks to LesleyRH over at Ireland Ever After for the award! [Check out her blog, or you'll totally miss out!] Sadly I don't get to just have it, I have to a) post some random facts about me, and 2) award it to some other blogs.

Random facts:
• I don't eat vegetables (with very few exceptions, seriously like less than I can count on my fingers).
• I have a weird obsession with Starbucks that has more to do with their merchandising than their coffee (but I like their coffee too)
• My favorite animated movie character is Wall-e :) .
• I like to cook but not when it's just for myself.
• My favorite food is lobster, then pizza.
• I collect coffee mugs and different versions of monopoly.
These were added to the collection this year. Awesome right?
My Versatile Blogger picks: [I feel so powerful right now]
The De-Student
CAPS (parentheses) & exclamation marks!
Was That Awkward
Rob of the Sky's Guide to Crap!

Yeah I think that will do it for this one! Sorry to everyone else, remember, it was an honor just to be nominated.

Other news!
This was on Conan last Thursday, he sent a random dude in the audience off to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and this was their conversation:

Conan: Don't you have a job or something?
Dude: Well I'm a blogger so not really.

Yes! Haha. Also, WHY NOT ME!?! Why am I still working a full time job after all the (2) months I've been doing this?!? Sigh.

Lastly, unless I think of something else I'm forgetting, like in every most Sunday newspapers (the NY Times thinks their soooo special) I will bring you the Sunday Comics! I've been doing this for a couple weeks just cause I had nothing else to bring to the table and that's actually where I got the idea for News day. Not the other way around.

Dilbert again!
These will usually be Dilbert and/or Garfield because those are the ones that come to me in my e-mail. I will work on expanding that.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Aw shucks, Lauren. *blushes* If I wasn't so poor, I'd buy you one of these to show my appreciation...

  2. congratulations for the award! n thanx for following!

  3. Oh yayyy! Congratulations to you and to everyone on the Versatile Award! I love comic strips! Happy Sunday and wish you have a wonderful next week! :D

  4. I used to get Garfield comics in my email. Then they stopped sending em. Also, I don't eat veggies either, unless you count ketchup as a vegetable (Ronald Reagan did).

  5. @Heismaightytosave: my pleasure!

    @nabo: thanks and ur welcome!

    @Apfel thanks you too!

    @Robimnotgoingtotypeyourwholenameanymore: I know mine stopped too except for sundays, and I went to the website and there doesn't seem to be any reason for it. I take screen shots of the ones I like straight from the site now.

  6. OMG - thanks! *beaming!* Congrats on your award, too!


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