Feb 16, 2011

Details, details, details.

Why don't I write things down? All last week I kept thinking of stuff that I had to save for Sundays and Wednesdays and now it's Wednesday and I've got nothing. Lessee...

Yeah I got nothing. Ok so well just go with a updating-my-readers-about-my-life post today. Unless I think of something better before I submit it. I made a new favicon already. The last one was fun and all but it was to muddled because of the size. The new one, as some may recognize is inspired by the Team Coco logo. I like it and it will probably be permanent unless I completely change everything about my blog. Also as you know I made myself a button for the purpose of it being displayed on YOUR blogs. So if you like my blog enough to promote it that way, I would be eternally grateful if you did that and I would be more than happy to put yours on my page! Just leave me a comment on any post letting me know.

What else is new? I got a pretty good response to my Photo Scavenger Hunt project but would love to get a bunch more ideas. And then hopefully I'll find a way to get myself out of my apt and take the pictures, and eventually post them all.

Oh and my postcard project; I've mailed 5 so far. As of today I didn't get any yet but it's only been about a week or maybe two? I have no sense of time. I'm seriously SOOO excited.

I really want to get a move on with my scrap-booking. I have piles of photos and stuff but actually sitting down and doing it just doesn't appeal to me ever. I wish there was a way for me to complete my pages magically. Which is how I felt about yesterday's blog post that didn't get done till today. Maybe if I set everything up on the kitchen table and just leave it there and I can do a page here and there as the spirit moves me. But then I can't use it as a table and would feel bad since I have a roommate who might want to use it. sigh. My life is so hard. [kidding, in case you couldn't tell].

I ALSO never edited my brother's wedding video I shot almost a year ago. I just don't like that everyone's speaking Japanese so I can't really use the audio since I wouldn't know where I can make cuts. See how hard my life is?

A lot of bloggers made lists of goals for the year or for the future in general and I was thinking of doing the same just because I would feel some sort of obligation to my readers to fulfill them. So maybe if I put these things on my list they will actually get done. Or It will be a massive failure. Yikes. See why I never start anything?

Well I believe that will be all since that's way more than anyone cares to know about me. Farewell.

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  1. Rob of the Sky would put your button on his blog, but Rob of the Sky doesn't advertise.

    Visit Rob of the Sky's blog at http://robofthesky.wordpress.com


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