Feb 17, 2011

Actually It's "MISS Chanandeler Bong"

Chandler's back and he's more Chandler than ever. Chandler had always been my favorite. Funny, sarcastic, self-deprecating. You know, exactly like me. Of course then he had to go an marry Monica and become not very funny, not very sarcastic, and just kinda boring. Bitch ruined him! Until now.

Matthew Perry's back on TV (again, hopefully for more than that partial season of Studio 60 NBCancelled didn't want to keep around), and it's like I never stopped watching him. Might be due to my unnatural liking of 17 Again, which I've seen WAY more times than I should have. And Allison Janney's character isn't bad either. It's rare for me to not be put off by such blatant drug use, so I was impressed at how much I like her.


  1. I giggled all the way through the post. I love him.

  2. I LOVE him too! But I didn't think he got boring when he got married to Monica! It was cute and still funny. I have seen every episode of friends a thousand times along with sex and the city (random I know) but I too liked 17 Again when I didn't think that I would but I just watched it because Matthew Perry was in it. And now I like Zach Ephron (sp) too thanks to him.

    Anyway, found you on 20sb. :) Cute blog.


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