Feb 13, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Today's post almost could have been used for Photo Monday, but it's not gonna be, so suck it. Okay, that was out of line. I apologize. Anyway.

SO here's the deal: two months ago I commandeered my dad's film SLR camera and I really want to practice using it. In case you missed it, no it's not digital.

Two problems: a) since it's film, not digital, I have to take full rolls of film worth of pictures and then get them developed before I can see how I did. 2) I don't have anything to take pictures of.  You understand the conundrum.

What I want YOU to do is leave a comment with something I should take a picture (seriously, nothing dirty), and anything that I can find I will then take pictures of! I have 3 rolls of film which means 72 photos so do your worst! (and by worst I mean best).  I will try to also take pictures using my digital camera, in the event that my photos look super shitty from my lack of knowledge in using the SLR.

Oh, FYI, I live in PA so don't suggest things like "beach" or "palm trees." And keep in mind that its' still winter.


  1. I'm a sucker for macro shots of plants, flowers, whatever. I've also found the zoo to be a great source of photography subjects, especially the reptile house because they're usually sitting still!


  2. I'm always drawn to pics with the sun shining through or behind things. Something like this: http://twitpic.com/3yriqd

  3. How about a smiling face?! A little kid, a dog, a family member. Someone happy looking. ^_^

  4. Palm trees on beaches!

  5. Thanks for the great ideas! I'll def use all them... with one exception :P robofthesky, you think you're sooooo funny don't you?

  6. Hmmmm...it depends WHERE in PA you are. If on the west, try some old industrial steel place - probably some cool imagery. If you are in the middle somewhere, try Amish country perhaps or maybe if you are close to the mountains that would be pretty. If you are on the east, some historical places or the coast would be cool. However, I always love nature shots.


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