May 3, 2012

This is My Life: White Girl Problems

More tales-of-woe from my new job. As I mentioned last time, I now have to park at what would best be described for the general public, as a satellite parking lot. I then need to take a bus, and well, you can read about all that in my last (or next-to-last?) post.

So when I get to the parking lot. I park my car, walk to the bus stop and don't return for 8 hours.

Yesterday, I pulled into a space behind another car, lined up with the car next to me, and went about my life.

When I returned to my car, most of the other cars were long gone. Finals week as it was. So I walk up to my car and *face palm* my car is a good 2 or more feet over the front line.

*well thats unfortunate

But I did park behind an already parked car, AND lined up with the car next to me (or so I thought), so how was I to know!?

I get in my car and my wipers were still on from when I turned my car off, so they did their little wiper dance when I turned my car on. Naturally, it catches my eye when a sheet of paper swooshes across my windshield.

It only took a second for me to know what its purpose was so I reach out and grab it, knowing I am in store for something obnoxious. It's not like my car had been there like that for DAYS.

I unfold it to reveal:
I can not stress enough times that I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER use that word.
So please do not yell at me for being intolerant.
So here's what I enjoyed about this note. A) That they assumed I was a dude (I don't think that word's ever been used to describe a girl), and 2) That I am gay. I did not know that it was common for gay people to park poorly. I know, I know, it was just being used as a derogatory insult, to be redundant. It's mostly because I am not a dude or some who would ever use that word that way, that I found amusement in the word being used to insult.

Or maybe this person thinks I'm a bundle of sticks.


  1. That sucks. The part I'm drawn to, however, is the fact that they took the time to put the comment before the derogatory word. You'd think if you'd do that, you'd take the time to add a period at the end. It's like this person was saying, "ooooh, I'm a college-educated bigot."

  2. Ha. I didn't even notice that. That is incredible.

  3. A similar thing happened to me one time.

    It was in the middle of a four-day downpour at school and the only available parking space was a parallel one in front of the building. I was not so bueno at parallel parking at the time, but all I wanted to do was park and get inside at that point. I came back to my car later to find that someone had not only taken the time to write me a note saying, "Nice parking job, idiot" but they had LAMINATED it so that it would survive the torrential downpour. Some people are ridiculous.

    Sorry you had to deal with that, lady.

  4. That's pretty amazing. I wonder if they have a bunch of "I hate you for how you parked" signs, laminated, and ready to go, for every time it happens.

  5. I rage when somebody parks poorly, and I've contemplated leaving notes on some windshields (I'm a jerk)...but I would never stoop so low as to use a slur like that. It's just derogatory and unnecessary. Forget them - at least it wasn't a ticket! (You know how much campus cops love to write them)


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