May 6, 2012


Hey, all! Long time. Well I've posted a couple times but nothing addressing the day-to-day goings on. And I don't remember what I have and have not posted about so I appologize if I'm repeating myself.

So let's see. New job. Don't hate it. I actually LIKE it. Weird, I know.

This coming weekend I am going to co-vendor a booth at a craft fair! I'm going to sell necklaces, cards and other stuff that will eventually be in my etsy shop. I want to see how my stuff does at the fair before I list it at 20 cents a listing. Hoping to at least make the money for registering back and maybe some for the cost of supplies. Wish me luck!

I haven't posted any new recipes lately so I don't have any to post here either. Watch out for tomorrows post. SOOOOO many shows I finally caught up on last week!

And that's about it. Have a fantastic week :D

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  1. Love Foxtrot so much. It's consistently one of the funniest comics out there, and they always keep it fresh by bringing in pop culture. I need to catch up, I haven't read it in forever.


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