Jan 9, 2012


Well, as with every new season of TV seems to have the theme of me making you watch a bunch of promos for shows you have no interest in or already watch and don't need convincing, here are some new shows and the returning ones! Community is returning. No one could be happier than I.

First and foremost:

MY GOD WHY!?! Seriously, the movie was HORRIBLE. It was good for quoting after the fact but the actual watching of it could. not. be. more. painful.

White Collar, January 17;


Archer, January 12; FX

Seriously LOL funny. There hasn't been an episode I didn't absolutely love. You will watch this if you know what's good for you.

Touch, Jan 25; Fox

I really want this show to be awesome because I miss Jack Bauer

And there was not much on last week but here's a couple of screen shots.

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  1. I liked Napoleon Dynamite as a movie...but what I find interesting about the cartoon is all the original actors voicing the characters! I think that's rare?


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