Jan 8, 2012

Build Your Own Helicopter

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a good week cause here comes another one! It's weird how that happens EVERY week. 

Pretty much nothing new going on in my life, just hating the cold and all that. So for those of us in the North, here's a recipe that might warm us up a bit!

Caffe Latte
I decided to make myself one at home instead of hitting up Starbucks the other day and thought about how a bunch of people probably have espresso makers and don't quite know how to use it! Since I have been a "professional" barista, I thought I would enlighten my subscribers and Google searchers.

I can't think of anything else so have a good one!
<3 Pookie!
Apparently I am depressed all. the. time. [I'm not, I just like chocolate.]
I wonder if my friends would do this for me... doubt it.

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  1. Cyanide and Happiness always makes me LOL, followed quickly by a slight feeling of guilt ;-)


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