Jan 15, 2012

Still? I Just Joined.

Hey everyone! Not a lot interesting this week. Worked a lot. Hung out with some friends and procrastinated too much so I not only didn't post a recipe yesterday, but also didn't do it today. And didn't either upload my pictures ahead of time or bring them with me so I can't do it now from work. Whoops. I'll just save it for next week I guess.

I did decide that I should start a catering company. Which, the more I think about about it, is way more complicated than just making a bunch of food and serving it. But I really like the idea in theory so I *want* to give it a shot...? We'll see. However, I did make a logo for my "company" because that's something within my grasp to do right away. I can't figure out why it looks kinda familiar to me, like I got the idea from something else. If any of you know, tell me so I can change it.

Also, If you know anyone in the Central PA area who want's to hire someone new to the biz please refer me! I will have lower prices until I'm more confidant in my ability to take on such a task.

So that's all that's going on in my world, have an awesome week!

That's riiiiiight! Tax season is here!


  1. I'm crossing my fingers that your catering company takes off because then you can hire me and I'll be able to stop looking for jobs! ;)

    Also, that Dilbert cartoon is genius. GENIUS!!

  2. One piece of advice I can give, as a former business owner of a business I had never been a part of:

    Don't listen to people telling you that you can't do it. Focus on learning everything you can about the business, and hit it hard!!!

    I've already done my taxes. But I guess it's because I got a huge refund.

  3. Thanks guys! I'm glad you believe in me because I don't quite yet.
    Kirsti: I hope I can hire you too!
    Eli: I actually work as a banquet server so that side of the business I'm all set with, but thanks for the advice/vote of confidence!


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