May 23, 2011

Maybe You Mopn't

Even with the summer blockbusters I can't wait to see, including Pirates of the Caribbean, the movie I'm most excited for is Zach Braff's new movie: The High Cost of Living. It's not in theaters (except for literally one in LA) but it's available to "rent" on iTunes, Amazon, and Vudu (whatever that is). I'm hoping it will get released in theaters but if not I'll probably wait till I can get a DVD. I don't believe in renting movies digitally... or at all really (no, I do not use Netflix). 

P.S. I miss Scrubs.
P.P.S. Garden State rules.

Here's the trailer. Be as excited as I am.

I feel so mop.


  1. Oh, is that where feeling mop comes from? That was among the myriad of terrifying slang all the younger-than-me students at the first college I went to used. Only one year younger than me, they all were... and I still couldn't tell what most of them were trying to say to me.

  2. I've never heard anyone say they felt mop other than on Scrubs. Maybe they all saw that episode and you were the only one not in on the joke.

  3. I miss Scrubs too! I've been watching the reruns on Comedy Central lately. Ooh, Garden State was a good movie! I haven't heard of this new one with Zach Braff but I'm gonna watch the trailer now. I like him.

    I don't illegally download movies (streaming TV shows is possibly another story *cough*), but I do use Netfix. I never watch on my laptop though, just the DVDs and sometimes streaming through the Wii.

  4. You and I both miss scrubs. I'm in LA- so I'm going to have to look for this movie! What theatre is it in, do you know?

  5. I dunno, I'm not in LA I just saw somewhere that it was. It might not be anymore. I found out that it's also available ondemand though.

  6. PSSS You're a loser. Netflix rules.


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