May 29, 2011

I like my Sketchers, but I LOVE my Prada backpack.

I feel overwhelmed. Well not really. Maybe just "whelmed" which is something you can be in France. But I hung out with practically all of my real life friends all in the same week making for a very busy-in-a-good-way week. I kinda fear for what my credit card bill will be like next week but I don't think it will be too bad. Although, $7 for miniature golf? And it's not even a good course! We had fun taking pictures tho. 

Aside from the inappropriately short skirt and flip flops, I totally look like a real golfer. It made me want to hit the range. Except in sneakers and a longer skirt. I probably won't. I'll feel like everyone else knows I don't belong. 

Anyway, so this week I was a little more on time with Thursday's post than last week. I might take this week off since I'm visiting the fam in my homeland... Jersey.I keep almost forgetting about Foto Friday but I'm sure I'll remember better as the weeks go by. 

Speaking of the fam... I finally finished my brother's wedding video from, oh, over a year ago. I mentioned that before. But now it's all done and in DVD form and everything. AND I made a short one which, assuming YouTube doesn't take it down for using copywrited music, I decided to post here for you!

I think I did something that made the ceremony part of it a bit blurry, which was an accident. I couldn't figure out how to fix it but I also didn't try very hard. I may go back and look at it in the future. Or I might not since it's not bad enough to bother me yet.

I almost forgot! Yesterdays Scrumptious Satrudays post: Bruschetta!
I remembered when I was eating some for dinner!

Okay, well all this human interaction this week has left me exhausted. The tanning doesn't help. I'm going to watch Bolt and pass out. Have a happy Memorial Day and a great week! Byeeeeee!

I miss Top Chef.
Don't all of you with smart phones feel stupid?
Good to know there are other options for me an my Photoshop skills.

Aww, remember when Heath Ledger hadn't been in Brokeback yet and wasn't dead (too soon?) If you haven't seen this movie yet. You need to immediately.


  1. I was impressed to see through Facebook stalking that you might have the same amount of dedication to denim skirts as I do. Also, do you really watch Bolt or ironically watch Bolt? Never mind, I'm amazed that somebody else ever saw it, no matter the motives.

  2. I got as far as the title and went "Awwwwwwwwwwwww, 10 THINGS!!!!! <3"

    You should totally got the golf course in the inappropriately short skirt and thongs. You could claim your score was way better than it actually was because everyone would be too busy being scandalised by your attire! ;)

    That Cyanide and Happiness comic is GENIUS!

  3. @Liddy: I love my denim skirts! I was once told (when I was 22, 4 years ago) that I was too old to be wearing them but then one of my guy friends assured me that she was probably just jealous :P

    @Nicki: I know! Just for you! (And because I wanted more variety anyway)

    @Kirsti: Haha not a bad idea but I wouldn't be able to get my dad's disapproval out of my head.


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