Sep 7, 2011


I took this class-or-something and believe it or not, my short attention span resulted in these doodles:

one of which inspired this painting:
No, it's not done yet. Obviously. It's also been at least a week since I worked on it. I have trouble focusing. Maybe posting this will encourage me to work on it.


  1. I always knew a short attention span could lead to something bigger.

    The painting looks great. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Whenever I see other people's paintings, I'm reminded of a beautiful painting I did in middle school of blue and green parakeets that I never got back. Then I get sad. :( Don't let your paintings get away!

  3. Loooks good. Where did you take the class

  4. @Allie: Thanks! Your comment may help encourage me to finish it.

    @Liddy: OMG I know! I had a painting in my room at my parents house that vanished (I think my mom accidently destroied it but didnt want to admit to it..) and I'm so mad now.

    @Ebun: It was a mediation training course... I guess I never mentioned it to you! So now I'm a trained mediator. The painting I did at home.

  5. Disregard popular opinion. Having a short attention span Gets Stuff Done.

    Loving it so far, looking forward to seeing the final version!



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