Sep 4, 2011

Blobbing on the Ethernet

I didn't mean to skip last week's Sunday post, but I did and I'm sorry and it means you get a DOUBLE DOSE this week. Well, really, the only extra content will be last week's Scrumptious recipe.

After those really crappy photos I posted of Echo, I took some better ones with my digi instead of my phone and here's what he really looks like.
Sooooo pretty! And there at the bottom is Echo's friend, Lobby the Lobster.
I spent 10s of minutes picking him out. I wanted a greenish one and he was the only one and was the kind (there are many) that I wanted (crowntail)! Also I promise to stop posting about him after today.

Okay so after months of hearing DailyGrace talk about mention this site called DailyBooth, I made an account so I could respond once and today decided to use my nearly useless webcam to respond with a picture! I also then decided to take/post a photo to my own account. So now you can make an account and follow me there and respond to my random, silly photos with your own random, silly photos! Oh! So much fun!

Yes that is me with my Tinkerbell pillow and the ghosties are a blanket I bought last Halloween. It came with a Ghostie pillow. And oh, my wonderful curtains that keep all the light out.

I'm making progress on my (500 Days of) Autumn "animation." I put it in quotes cause I'm not sure it counts...? I guess it does but I doubt myself sometimes. Anyway, I'm about 1/4 done with it and realized yesterday that I only have like two weeks before I need it to be done. This means I need to find better ways to motivate myself. suggestions? Hmmm........ but yeah as a reminder it started out like this:
...and I've gotten this far:
I forgot what it looked like when it was all green! Ha. As you can see I've got quite a few leaves to go!

Okay, lets wrap this up with my recipe post links, and a few comics, and have a great week!
Bailey's Macaroons!
The final Bailey's recipe! Yeah, I was getting kinda tired of them too :)

Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Dip
Not only is it not a Bailey's recipe, it's not even a dessert! Don't get too used to that though.

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