Sep 11, 2011

Look, A Cell Phone.

So what is going on in my little world? Actually a couple of interesting things...

First I was hired by my first official client to design blog graphics for He was referred to me when he saw and liked the header I made for Post Modern Talko.
I made him these two buttons! And while your marveling at my awesomeness, check out his blog! (And current giveaway)
I'm also going to be working on a header for his blog when I get the time to do it. If anyone else is interested in getting some graphic items for their blog (or anything else) go here.

Next up, look what I did the other day!
I'm a painting!
And its for sale on ebay if any one's interested. I'm gonna do some more in different sizes and characters and hope that they sell. I might open an etsy shop for them if I manage to make any kind of profit. And if any one here wants a specific character, I might be inclined to create it for you.

Okay, that's enough of me trying to sell you all stuff (not my original intention, it just kinda happened). Here's a recipe!

Peanut Butter Chai Cookies
Traditional peanut butter cookies with some chai tea mix and white chocolate chips for some gourmet style!

Use chunky peanut butter if you want peanut chunks in them too.

I believe that's it for this week. Also I'm SOOO close to finishing the visual part of (500) Days of Autumn. I don't have a photo for you though. Video to come by next week!!! Have a good one :)

OH! I also posted again on dailybooth. It's really lonely on there with no one to follow or be followed by so all of you with webcams on your computers should join up!
This is what having to go back to work after 4 unrequested days off looks like.
Hmmm my eyebrows don't match. I'll have to work on that.

After it took way to long to get my new modem to work I know exactly how this is...


  1. Simply awesome. And you just gave me another site to check out: that webcam site.

    And what is the Mario thing, a blanket? Whatever it is, I like it. It's not perfect, but that's what I like about it. I'd love to see 16 bit Link (like the picture I sent you).

    Can't wait to see the banner.

  2. It's a painting. Not sure if I'm ready to tackle 16 bit yet, but I'll probably do an 8 bit Link soon.

  3. I really think the 16 bit Link I have in the picture is pretty much the same on a 'bit'level. But I'll tell you what, I love it, and depending what you do, I'll probably buy one eventually.

  4. I guess the 16 bit just has a lot more shades of the colors.. also more pixels. Maybe I can do a simplified 16-bit one.

  5. No lie, ever since Erin at the Post-Modern Talko told me that you made her banner (which is how I became one of your followers, btw - that banner is pure awesome) I have considered asking you about graphics. But I'm still somewhat attached to my page banner and I have no idea what I would change it to so I've been holding off. But one day in the (possibly near) future I hope you will still be freelancing :D


  6. @Shane: I don't know why I wouldn't be! I'd be happy to do work for ya!


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