Aug 31, 2011

Gettin' Clean

This is what I did at work yesterday...

Before... (click to enlarge, if you dare)
Soaked keys in hot soapy water. Very effective.
Lots of Windex and paper toweling.
What was most disgusting about the gunk trapped in the keyboard... the shocking amount of hair. You'd think people were getting their hair cut over it.


  1. Eww and ick and omg wow. I have been thinking of doing the same thing, but have been kinda chicken. Is it safe to do this without ruining your pc.?

  2. It won't do anything to your computer, just make sure your keys will go back on if you pop them off. If you have a laptop, they don't go back on. Not easily at least. And try not to get anything liquid inside it.

  3. WHY?! WHY DID I HAVE TO DARE?! *BLLLLAAARRRRRRG* Funny, poop doesn't bother me much, but this is making me an irrational lump of creeped-out.

  4. @Liddy: Haha! I'm pretty sure I got syphilis from cleaning it.

  5. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWW... You should have offered it to the CDC before you cleaned it. They might have discovered a whole new disease in there! ;)

  6. I have a laptop. I shudder to think how dirty it is under the keyboard, but they are nearly impossible to clean.

    This makes me want to try, though.


  7. @Kirsti: I agree. I should have at least kept a sample.

    @Shane: Best bet is some compressed air. Or a new laptop.


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