Aug 22, 2011

What? It's a Power Bar.

Welcome to another edition of WHAT'S ON TV? Or I guess I mean Hulu, since some of these are a few weeks old on TV.

I was psyched to see Burn Notice's newest cast member who you might recognize from NBC's Community. You should all know by now how much I enjoy seeing familiar faces on other shows. I like her better on Burn Notice.

This week's episode of Suits was clearly brought to us by Red Bull. Come on people, when it comes to product placement, the word you're looking for is SUBTLE.

I love the logic of this. If I were a guy I would be guilty of the same clothing injustice.

I haven't watched the last oh say 4-5 seasons of Rescue Me, but now that it's in its final season I decided that I want to watch it again.
Snickers does satisfy...

The Lying Game: Not as crappy as I expected. Check it out if you're a girl or if you're a guy who likes girl shows :)


  1. Haven't seen a bloggy post in a awhile. I know it's been a week.. always look forward to them! :)

  2. Aww thanks! Yeah, my real life got a little in the way. I'll probably post again Wednesday if I don't find time/material for tomorrow!


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