Aug 21, 2011


I actually have blog stuff to talk about! I am thrilled to report that 20 Something Bloggers has made me one of their "20SB Staff Recommends" bloggers! It's really cool to be recognized for what I'm doing here since I don't get much feedback these days. I still love all of you who are still reading, whoever you are, but I'm excited that some new people might be reading my blog because of this. And p.s. welcome to anyone who's new to my blog!

Some other stuff, for anyone who uses Google+, there's a new little icon at the bottom of blogger blog posts (it's a little +1) that you can click if you like my post! So if you read a post, even if it's in reader, go and click it and maybe that will get me more people to write for! 

Oh and it's been a while since I've asked for facebook page likes so I'm putting that out there again! I try to post stuff there and if I got a bunch of followers I might be more inclined to be interesting. My tweets go there at least...

This week's Scrumptious recipe was for:
Irish Biscotti
It was made with Bailey's but ended up not tasting like it at all but was still delish. Yes, I said delish. Twice.

For anyone who doesn't know, I also have a recipe blog and I make and post recipes every Saturday. And they are guaranteed to be awesome, delicious and fairly easy to make!

I think that's it for this week so do me a favor and have an awesome week!


  1. yep! saw it a while back, checked out and loved your blog, now I'm a dedicated follower ^-^

  2. Okay. I love biscotti. And Cyanide and Happiness. And cubicle dancing.

    Woohoo! You've made my day :-D

  3. I hope to one day have a cubicle expressly so that I can dance in it.


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