Aug 7, 2011

So Much Pain

So here's the thing about banquet serving for weddings... when you only do it once every 4 weeks you find yourself in copious amounts of pain. Or at least a fair amount over widespread parts of your body. Including blisters on parts of your feet you wouldn't think would blister. 

Okay this post has gotten kinda gross. I should probably think of something to write about before telling you what my Scrumptious Saturday recipe was... hmmm yeah I got nothing. Deal with it.

This week I made... Bailey's Cookies!
They are super good, people said so. And they're made with Bailey's so how could they not be good?

So I think that's all for today. Have a great week!

If you can't tell... It's Garfield and Jon are under the couch.

That's how I feel too.

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