Aug 1, 2011

Lucky Coincidence

It's the middle of the summer and there's still nothing on TV. Or is there!? This is what I'm watching...

Burn Notice I think this is the best season since the first one. Action and good-looking guys (and girls), this show is fun for the whole family (okay maybe not the kids).

Wilfred is new this Summer. I thought it would be funny and it's actually better than I expected.

White Collar. Just looking at Matt Bomer, why wouldn't you watch the show?

Switched at Birth is of course a little cheesy, I mean it's on the ABCFamily channel, but it's cute and I love it and it stars grown up April Nardini.

I've talked about Pretty Little Liars before and I probably won't stop. It's the best crappy show on TV.


  1. I will have to check out Wilfred. Ive been hearing good things. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Everytime I see an advertisement for Wilfred I giggle at the "LUCKY COINCIDENCE" part.

    I've even started shouting it in public places. Embarrassing.

  3. @Miss Sassy Pants: That's not embarrassing, it's awesome. Like a better version of the Penis Game.


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