Aug 17, 2011

Blog Swap

(reposted... I have my reasons)
Greetings my readers! Today I have quite the treat for you! 20sb created a blog swap for all its members to take part in so today I have a guest blogger for you. I swapped blogs with Kendra and you can read my post  on her blog, Silky Bowties. The theme of the blog swap is "Summer" so we're all writing about something summer related. So enough of my babbling, I give you Kendra!

Hey everyone! I'm Kendra from Silkybowties, taking over Lauren's blog today.
I decided to do this swap through 20sb! 
A little about me, I am a 20 year old college student studying Sociology. I commute from home so I can still see my mom every day, and my lovely pup. I work retail, and I have a love/hate relationship with it. I have the best friends in the world, and those who aren't my friends, well...sorry. I love anything active or outdoors. I grew up on a the coast so beaches are my thing. 
Moving forward..we are here to talk summer. I'm less than satified with my summer to be honest. I worked a lot as to previous summers I never really worked. That's really the only reason, ha. So now that I am done complaining I will move on to the great parts of my summer!

I didn't go on one vacation.
My brother was a working machine, I worked a lot, mom, well she works night but was busy with the new house all the no time for vacay,

I didn't have a pool..well.
You see, we just bought the house is nov and we did a lot to the house this spring and a new car, so a pool was pushed to the side. I was ok with it since I was never really home, until it got super hot. Then we needed to get creative. So our alternative...
Yea, hold all the curse words, I know you're jealous, and that's okay!

I spent a lot of time at the beach.
Since no pool, we resorted to the beach! Plus my best friend lives right near there so it was always an extra incentive to go so I could see her. This was always fun because we would get the best iced coffee on the way home..mmm

I had a lot of time with family.
My mom and I hung out all the time. Every Thursday was a must, and almost every other day too. We would go anyhwere, beach, fair, just around, or even stay in and have dinner and drinks. My brother came to visit a lot. He's not too far away till nov (he usually lives in North Carolina but is in Connecticut for internship) so whenever he has a few days off he comes to visit. He's the voice of reason, so he's good to have around.

I worked.
I know I said this wasn't good, but some days are great. I got a parking pass through the company (NO MORE PAID PARKING!!) And I also work with one of my good friends so its always a good day when I work with her.

Besides that I just kept busy here are some photos I would like to uncatagorize.
 Fire Pit action
 Best coffee shop view
 Newport Bridge
 My pup.
 Gillette Stadium (Patriots)
All White Party
 House warming
 Got my second Tattoo
 Those Guys concert
Usher/Akon concert.

So I guess you can say I loved my summer!

Thanks again to Kendra for your post! It was fun getting to know you through this swap!

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