Jul 31, 2011

People Like to Say SALSA

Well, I kinda forgot/neglected to post for a whole week or so. My bad. I've been busy. But I'm back! Even though I never really left. But whatever. And pretty much everything is the same in and around my life so I don't really have anything for this post except for a link to yesterday's recipe on my recipe blog and some comics. So, until, next time, have a great week!

This salsa is named for how easy, quick and awesome it is! Serve with your favorite tortilla chips, I suggest white "restaurant" style.

I bet Starbucks empolyees would like their jobs so much more if they could do it like this.

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  1. I love the last customer... one of my "favorite" parts of working the drive thru in the past was listening to people shout "GIMME A [blank]", where blank was all too often something the store never, ever, ever sold.


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