Jul 20, 2011

What I Need is a Becktionary

This is just the week of random crap on my blog but you guys seem to like my random crap so what the hell, right? So for unimportant reasons, I wanted to look up what my name rhymes with. It's disappointing how few there are, and the selection is uber crappy. Nothing really to work with. Foreign is probably the best one. The rest are mostly surnames.



  1. You're just thinking too linearly. Go slang! Or at least not proper.

    Tourin', Soarin', Whorin'... there's all sorts of rhymes =)

  2. Hey, at least your name doesn't rhyme with sh*tty.

  3. Haven and Liddy both just made me spew my water at my computer screen. Thanks! I am all about what they said though. :)


  4. Where did you find this? I'm totally dying to find out what rhymes with Ashley now!! You might have put it and I overlooked it. You know where to find me!


    * Perpetually Me *

  5. @Haven: Genius! Why didn't I think of that. Might stay away from Whorin' though...

    @Liddy: Your name only kinda rhymes w/ shitty. Technically it rhymes with Shiddy.

    @Ashley: http://www.rhymezone.com/

  6. My name, sadly, rhymes with a magnificent number of three....seemingly incoherent words. I'm very unimpressed.....


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