Jun 6, 2011

What I'll Be Doing All Summer

Summer's great right? Sunny and warm. Awesome movies. Concerts. But all the TV networks are like "yeah, time for a three month vacation." I HATE it. BUT! Thank you cable network original programming! Some of my favorite shows are actually on cable networks that like to air their shows when the other ones are on hiatus.

Brand new! Looks interesting and I'm excited for it because Lea Thompson is awesome and April Nardini (Vanessa Marano) plays her switched daughter. Hopefully she doesn't ruin everything like she did on Gilmore Girls.
June 6 9PM Switched at Birth

I think this is the one I'm most excited about. Action-packed, fun, and how cute is Matt Bomer? I mean really? Also who wouldn't want to watch the new(ish) show with Kelly Kapowski? White Collar is a must-watch!
June 7 9PM White Collar

If you're not watching this show yet, you're missing out. Unless you're a dude. It's only in it's second season so you can catch up quick. They're running a marathon of season one leading up to season two's premiere so there are no excuses.
June 14 8PM Pretty Little Liars

This is another best-show-nobodys-watching. I don't even know what to say about it with out sounding repetitive, just trust me it's awesome. Especially if you're a Bruce Campbell fan.
June 23 Burn Notice

I guess Psych isn't coming back until fall but I wanted to include it in this cable network show post anyway. I don't have a start date or current promo for you, so here's the "webisode" that inspired my car's vanity plate.
Fall Psych


  1. If you like How I Met Your Mother, you might want to try Happy Endings! :) just a suggetion, but let me know if you like it! I think it's on Hulu.

  2. You forgot to mention that in between all this TV, you'll also be meeting meeeeeeeeeee!! In Antarctica!! Although I guess September isn't really SUMMER...

    And yes, Matt Bomer is uber-hot. RAWR. Sadly, I've not seen much of White Collar, because the network that shows it down here keeps screwing around with when it's on. I think I'll have to track it down on DVD at some point!

  3. Hi Lauren :) You're making me jealous, we won't have a TV while we're away ;) Please don't forget to link back to your guest post on Dancing in Barefeet too ;) http://www.dancinginbarefeet.com/2011/05/are-you-living-your-dream-life-part_15.html

  4. I watched Switched at Birth last night and liked it! I watch pretty Little Liars too. And Rizzoli & Isles and So You Think You Can Dance! I watch Psych every once in a while. Summer TV isn't as good as the rest of the year, but there are some good shows!

  5. @Mary: I've been watching Happy Endings! Posted about it twice already:

    @Kirsti: You're right! How could I forget :P And yes our trip will be after all my summer shows take a break probably

    @Penny: Oh man! I can't live without tv! You're right, I did forget. But I'll link to it within the week in one of my posts.

    @Lauren II: I watch Rizzoli and Isles but mostly because um.. Isles? The non-cop one? Used to be on NCIS.

  6. @Lauren Yeah! I watched her on NCIS only after watching Rizzoli & Isles, lol. Now I watch NCIS sometimes, but I'd never seen it before last fall. I remember her as Pacey's sister from Dawson's Creek, haha.

  7. SO i read the pretty little liars book and i was curious to know if it ends up the same way...

  8. @Lauren: I didn't really watch Dawson's Creek. I might have to find it online somewhere just to see her.

    @Ebun: It will probably depend on whether they want the show to go longer than the plot of the book. I can't decide if I want to read the book or not.


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