Jun 12, 2011

Need. Coffee.

I had. The longest. Week ever. Well, I'm sure I've had other similar weeks but not in a long time. I worked about a million hours, at different jobs, at all hours of the day. Today is finally a day off and I feel compelled to go out and do something but I might just lie in bed all day because it feels so good. I'll probably go out. I need groceries. And due to not being in the apt so much this week, I almost feel like I have to have something to do. Yawn.

I have totally fallen behind in my blog reading but I'm trying to catch up! Sorry everyone who's blogs I read who also read this. Ugh man, my brain is fried. Zero creative capability right now. I think I should make some coffee. Yes definitely, unless anything else distracts me.

I almost decided to move out of my two bedroom apt and move into a one bedroom so that instead of finding a new roommate that I'll ultimately hate I would be able to go about my life happily. AND have a washer/dryer in the apt. But then when I really thought about it, I decided that I don't actually have an extra $250 every month to spend on such a luxury. What I need is someone who wants to sponsor me and my blog for at least $250 a month. Anyone? Anyone? I will personally make you the ad button. It will be amazing and you will not be disappointed. Especially not in the 5-10 clicks you'll get. Yeah.

Sigh. Roommates. I might have to write another roommate story this week. Especially since I failed to do my "Thursday Tales" posts the past two weeks. I've been busy okay? Yeah, eff you too! Sorry, that was uncalled for. I'm just tired. Alright I believe that is all my news. Have a fun, awesome, relaxing, spectacular week!

This is pretty much how I feel right now.

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