Jun 5, 2011

Na na na na na na na na

Busy week! Took a trip out to NJ to visit the fam cause my brother is in town. We did some mini golfing because when I went last week in my town it sucked. Hit up Six Flags for the first time in like 5 years and it ROCKED!!! Even though it left me a bit sun burned and feet blistered (I know, gross. Suck it up.).Then came back and finished out my work week. I want to go back to Six Flags and never work again. Or take like a week off till I get super bored and would want to go back to work. Shrug. 
Batman: The Ride. My favorite, since 1999.

No blog news. I'm pretty happy with all the shifting/changes I made a few weeks back and I think it's gonna stay as-is for a while.

No recipe today either. Since I was away from home I didn't get around to making anything for Scrumptious Saturdays.

I'm going to try to pull myself away from my TV for a couple hours and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather outside. P.S. I love the Freaky Friday soundtrack. Don't judge.


  1. Ooh, Six Flags! I've only ever been there once and it was very crowded. The Superman laying down coaster had just opened and we waited on line for like 2 hours for that, and then I didn't even like it that much. I loved Nitro though! I didn't get to go on the Batman one, but it looks cool! Did you go on the new standing up one or was the line too long/it hadn't opened yet? I went on a standing coaster once and it was just very bumpy; it hurt my neck, lol. But it was kinda old; I think this one might be better.
    And that last comic is pretty accurate! haha.

  2. Sounds like you had a loveeeely time!
    The weather here was great, but it's been pouring down last few days. Good ole' Grey England.

    Take care, and have a lovely week ahead :)

  3. So long since I've been to six flags! Jealous!

  4. @Lauren: It's way less fun when it's crowded. I like to go during the week, before the high schools get out, that's when the lines are the shortest :)
    Oh and the new Green Lantern standing coaster... meh. Hurt my legs.

    @Nas: I sure did!


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