Jun 13, 2011

Shows That Make Me Want to Go Outside.

Last week I brought you all the shows you should be watching this Summer.

These are the shows you probably should not be watching.

Franklin and Bash
Yeah Zach Morris is in it but....?

USA Network, I think, has lost it. "It" being it's mind. They have a couple of great shows and then lose it. We don't need 12 crazy shows all at the same time. Let's pick and choose our scripts from now on, okay?

Royal Pains, returning. I just do not understand it's appeal but I guess people are watching it.

Covert Affairs, returning. I thought this show was going to be awesome and it's just not. Her character is supposed to be doing the same job Jason Bourne does... and she's just not.

Suits, premiering. Uhhhhh? I don't know maybe it will surprise me and be awesome.

Necessary Roughness, premiering. See above comment.Oh but it does have the crazy woman from Rescue Me and Max Medina so I'll have to at least give it a chance.

Also, USA Network, you are clever, we get it, let's dial down the show title word play.


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  2. I'm not much of a tv watcher, but when I do it's nice to know what not to waste my time on. Thanks!

  3. My girlfriend love Royal Pains, yet I don't see the allure. It's just... strange...

  4. I was flabbergasted (yep) when I first saw an ad for the Franklin and Bash show. I thought it was pretty universal that we essentially hate lawyers, so why is there a show that does nothing but showcase what buttheads two imaginary ones are? Another show glorifying assholery, awesome. I'll stick to cartoons.

  5. They renewed Covert Affairs?? I saw half an episode of that show and was like "WOW. This is like a really REALLY shitty version of Alias..." and changed the channel. It was for the best, I think!!

  6. @Haven: Anything I can do to help! :)
    @Idaho: Agreed I haven't enjoyed any of what I regretfully saw of it.
    @Liddy: Maybe Franklin and Bash is trying reverse psychology.
    @Kirsti: I KNOW RIGHT?! I was suprised it made it to the second half of season one! (idk how theyre aired over there but the cable networks do half a season in the summer and the other half in the winter).

  7. They need to stop making lame shows and just make more episodes of awesome shows like Psych!


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