Jun 15, 2011

Decisions Decisions

I know that most of you have probably all been to Chic-Fil-A, but there aren't any in my parent's neck of the woods so I hadn't been. Last year one was built in my town and EVERYONE went nuts. It was like... I don't even have a good analogy. But people were way excited. And I heard that it was always busy and I didn't really care one way or another so I never went. Until last week. I went with one of my friends for lunch and was instructed to bring back a bunch of ketchups to work. Why? you ask. So did I. But an adequate description could not be achieved so I had to wait to see when I got there. I picked one up and check it out.

I had to admit it was intriguing. They are three times the size of one packet, and have all these options. You can either tear off the top and squeeze it out or you can peel back the foil and use it for dipping. But I determined that I did not like them.
I hate decisions. Ask anyone. :P


  1. Oh God, that would totally do my head in... It's enough for me to decide whether I actually WANT ketchup or not, without having to decide how I want to dispense the ketchup!! :S

  2. And now I miss Chick Fil-A. I moved to an area that doesn't have them, and MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM their sammiches are good....

  3. I fully disagree about your assessment of this ketchup packet. It's glorious. Perhaps I should actually, yanno, write in my blog and give a rebuttal to this. Just sayin'.


  4. Wait until they open up the Cracker Barrel in a couple weeks. I swear people in State College act like we don't have a million restaraunts in town. Like every new one is the first one.

    Oh and my friend loves those ketchup packets she takes/steals a billion of them when she goes there.

  5. 1. About new restaurants: inevitably, there's always people from my neck of the woods going to State College to try out actual restaurants (the selection of places to eat in my area... there is no selection).

    2. Your friend is a wise woman. :)


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