May 30, 2011

A Musical Monday

Today (actually several weeks back, but then stuff that was time-sensitive kept pushing it back) I decided to feature some awesome frickin' music. According to me. And if you don't agree, I don't care, this is mostly for me. I just like them and am posting them with no agenda no matter what anyone thinks *cough* crazy stalker *cough*.

First up: I was supposed to be going to see Sister Hazel in concert but then, luck have it, the one I was going to was canceled. But I'm going to post one of their songs anyway. Now if you're saying "never heard of 'em," I call bullshit, (a few of you may actually not have and to you, I apologize), because you have ALL heard this song. And once you play it you're going to say, "you're right, Lauren, I do love this song and I thought it was Blues Traveler." Everybody does.

I absolutely love Sara Bareilles' newest album. I hadn't listened to it in a while until I was going through my CDs for music for my brother's wedding video. But it's still awesome. I wanted to post a different song but I don't want to use some random person's homemade music video so I had to pick from those that are singles. I really like this one too :)

Next: Kate Nash. <3 her! A different song of hers was featured on Community and I immediately downloaded (legally of course...) all her music and fell in love with her. I discovered this video when Stacey posted it on Facebook. I believe it's fan-made, but it's just adorable so I had to share it!

Also featured on Community,  The Fratellis. Also awesome except this is the real music video. It's on my mind because it's on the mix CD I have in my car right now. Great musicians but frankly I liked hearing it more when Joel McHale was on screen. Yes I'm saying Joel McHale is pretty and Jon Fratelli, (I swear that's his name, I just looked it up), is not. Oh well. [Side note, Fratelli means "brothers" in Italian]

Also on my mix CD, (way too many "also-s" in one post), is P!nk! SUCH a good song. I'm so glad she kept making music and people keep listening to it. Unlike Britney. That shit needs to stop. Funnily (okay is "funnily" really a word? Cause Firefox thinks it is...) enough, this song too was featured on one of my shows! This one was in Pretty Little Liars. If you're a girl you should watch it cause it's sooooo good. If you're a girl.

All I have to say about this is: Why is Paramore so good? :P

Lastly, you guy's may have noticed that I am a bit crazy about Greg Behrednt. I can't help it, he's hilarious and amazing. Anyway, he has a band so what-the-hell I'm gonna feature them here:  The Reigning Monarchs.

That's it for today. Not too painful right? In other music news, I want to update my collection so if there's an album/artist from the past year or so which you can't stop listening to, leave me a comment so I can check it out!


  1. “Is it out of line if I was to be bold and say would you be mine?” Yes, yes it would. You’re right, that man is not very pretty. Ok, done being a snothead.
    Of the past year? I’m afraid I’m too stuck in the 90’s. I do, however, enjoy Cee Lo Green’s latest album, and if you watch tv you’ve probably heard the swear-free “Forget You” adaptation of his song by a… different name, at least 50 billion times. And that Kate Nash sounds like she did a Little Mermaid with Imogen Heap's voice.

  2. When this week is over and I actually have time to breathe again, I'm going to listen to all these songs in the hopes of finding something new to listen to!

    You've probably heard (read?) me say it before, but I LOVE Scouting for Girls. They're a band from the UK. Their song "I Wish I was James Bond" is pure genius. You should definitely check them out, because I'll probably subject you to their music on our trip to ANTARCTICA!


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