Jun 16, 2011

Monkey Sheets

With being all sorts of busy lately, I just haven't felt like drawing pictures. But I was inspired to write this post so here it is.

A long time ago, in a galaxy... okay, it was this galaxy... I was dumped. And I was so sad that the girls that lived across the hall in my dorm, who hated me and my friends, felt bad for me. One of them said "Wait! You have to read this book!" and she lent me a book. It's a book of "poems" the author wrote about dealing with her break up/the shitty guy who broke up with her. It was awesome.

Not so long ago, still in this galaxy, my roommate was having boy problems and I gave it (a copy I bought back then cause it was awesome) to her to read. It's been sitting on my nightstand ever since she gave it back because I was going to read it since it's funny at all times and I hadn't read it in years. Still haven't but that's besides the point.

ANNNYWAY.... last night I found myself feeling restless so I made myself some tea and brought it back to my room and put it down on the book. Then quickly picked up my mug because I remembered that it's probably not dry on the bottom. When I picked the book up to dry it off, I opened to a random page for some amusement.

This is the poem I landed on. Enjoy. Then go back to Amazon and buy a copy. You can get a used one for under $3 so what do you have to lose (other than $3)?

I don't have an ex named Mitchell.
"I went on a date with a man
who was so obsessed with primates
that everything in his apartment
was in the shape of a chimpanzee.
Lamps, statuettes, magnets, mugs, stuffed animals.
And, on his bed, sheets with monkeys, on them.
He was 35.
Sheets with monkeys on them.
Monkey sheets."


  1. Sure, that man might have had monkey sheets, but think about it... SHE DATED a man with monkey sheets. Oh snap! I'm hoping that was just a first or second date so she had a chance to run the eff away.


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