May 11, 2011


Months and months ago I discovered that Greg Behrendt (one of my top 5 favorite stand-up comedians) started a podcast called Walking The Room. It's hilarious btw and you should go to iTunes right now and download every episode and listen to them straight through till you're done. Anyway. He went to Australia a while back and was exposed to Tim-Tams. And will not stop talking about them on the show. He also wrote a stand-up bit about them.
Greg Behrendt - Tim Tams
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I was more and more intrigued. BTW, they are only available in Australia. (Well I guess Pepperidge Farm makes them here, but they're not as good.) And then I couldn't take it. Then *light bulb* I remember that Kirsti lives in Australia! She was wonderful enough to send me some in the mail and I finally got to experience the wonder that is Tim Tams!

If you can't read it, the 2nd step instructs to drink your beverage through the Tim Tam.
She even included a helpful tip for enjoying them which I will definitely try.  P.S. What an awesome diagram of a bit-off Tim Tam! So I suggest you all at least try the United States-ian version. And so many thanks to Kirsti for being so awesome! (But don't you all also ask her for them, that would get pricey FAST)

Also! Happy Birthday to Simply Kate! Click the link to see my guest post on her blog!


  1. They're available here in New Zealand too, they are amazing and that is one of my favourite ways to eat them :)

  2. The end of that video made me almost snort water out of my nose I was laughing so hard. I think the secret ingredient is probably a high proportion of cocoa solids, which is lacking in most American chocolate. Or it could be liquid crack. Who cares, they're amazeballs.

    Let me know when you've tried the Tim Tam Slam!!

  3. I totally had a tim tam slam at my desk at work last week.

    It's an essential part of life here in Australia. We need to demonstrate tim tam slam ability in order to graduate school.

  4. It's awesome that I have so many readers from down under!

    @Amy: Oh good so now I have to be jealous of New Zealand too!

    @Kirsti: I know he's amazing right? I think it's probably the liquid crack. Or the chocolate. p.s. tried the Pepperage farm ones today and they basically suck. Not worth the almost $4 I paid for them.

    @Smiley: (that's what I'll be calling you here) I believe it.


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