May 8, 2011


Not much to talk about today. I'm thrilled to have gotten back the digital version of my first set of 'real film' (as I keep calling it, as opposed to that fake film?) photos (see previous post). I know that I'm learning so I'm okay with them not being perfect, or shall we say "artistic"... Yeah let's go with that. And I actually liked a few of them. The prints should arrive in a few days and I'm excited to get those also. 

Inspired by my results I went out and took another roll of film this past Friday and will start on another soon. Then I have to go buy more! I don't yet know what different film speeds will have on my pictures. I think I'll stick to the 400 since I don't feel like needing a tripod yet. It's hard enough for me to not feel ridiculous carrying around my camera as it is. 

Anyway. Uhhhhhh? I think I don't have any other news that's divulge-able at this juncture. I am pleased to announce that I am adding two new comic strips to my list of comic sources: Pearls Before Swine and Amazing Super Powers (the latter being a web-only comic). And they are making their BYATR debut today!

That'll do it for this week. Actually, I think I'm going to move to Antarctica. Yeah, gonna go live with the penguins. I'll get a tuxedo to wear so that they will accept me as one of them.

I need a guy who carries waffles in his wallet.


  1. Yep pretty much a sure thang if a guy carries waffles in his pocket. Hmm...waffles or reese's cups.

  2. This could lead to some awkward-slash-intriguing conversations:

    "Excuse me, is that a waffle in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?"

    Or worse... "Is that ...syrup???"

  3. @Lesley: Hmm yes unless the Reese's get melty...

    @Idaho: That's what she said.

  4. That last comic is classic... and so is your comment. hehe


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