May 15, 2011

Bloggerocalypse 2011

Uh.... can't really think of anything this week. I'm glad Blogger's finally back to normal. That sure was a fun two days. I actually had time to read my friend's blogs but I couldn't leave any comments. So sad.

Ooo well I did take two more rolls of film and one of them isn't filled with random shots of stuff around my apartment so there will be more and hopefully better photos this time. I should have them for this Friday. Wow. Just realized I didn't do a post for this past Foto Friday. Hmm.  Maybe I'll do it later. If there isn't one by 4:30, it's not happening. That I can actually blame on Blogger since it wasn't working till Saturday.

Okay so then that's about it!

Ahhh Hulu...

For anyone who actually hasn't seen this yet:


  1. The original double rainbow video (of the guy having what sounds like an orgasm upon seeing a double rainbow) really is quite funny, but I'm not at liberty to laugh at it because if I witnessed that sight personally, I'd probably squeal for roughly two minutes non-stop.
    Also, thank god for Hulu.

  2. I laughed way too hard at Foxtrot. And Dilbert is SUCH a gpoy of you!


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