May 2, 2011

That's What She Said

Today is dedicated solely to the departure of Steve Carell from my very favorite show, The Office.

Highlights from "Goodbye, Michael"
Classic Michael
She has a point.
I'm still not completely sold. He still dresses like an Easter egg.
I love that they addressed the fact that they're still being
followed around by camera's for the first time in forever...
...And that in 7 years they've never done anything with the footage.

Very touching and bittersweet but still good for some laughs. Farewell Michael Scott. You will be missed.

Now for some highlights, I was THRILLED that they brought back the Dundies one more time. Not as good as the first one but still loved it. I always wished they did a Dundies episode every year.

Loved the "Seasons of Love" (from Rent) remake for Michael.

And some of my favorite Michael scenes (out of the ones available on hulu.)

I could watch Goodbye Toby all day. Definitely Michael's best parody. 

Dwight, you ignorant slut. 

Poor Jim, tortured more than anyone else because he's Michael's favorite... After Ryan, that is.

Michael will go along with anything.

And like Tina Fey's character declared on 30 Rock, Steve Carell owns "That's what she said."


  1. So maybe I cried a little bit... shoot me.

  2. I always found it slightly strange that I went to grade school and middle school with a kid named Michael Scott, and every time someone mentioned the name, the kid would come to mind, not The Office....

  3. Out of devotion to Steve Carell, I'm going to stop watching. It just won't be the same (well, obviously).

    And yeah, I noticed that Michael and Jim both talked directly to the camera crew. Weird.

  4. Oh these last few episodes made me soooo sad. It feels like the show is ending even though they said they will try to continue. How can you continue without your main character??

  5. How funny was it when Micheal spends all that time trying to make that basketball shot? haha!

    I agree, it is so sad. I wish he would change his mind...

  6. @Stacey: It's ok it's understandable.

    @Ashley: I would totally do the same thing.

    @Shannon: I still love John Krasinski so I'll keep watching. I'll still miss Michael tho of course.

    @Cotton: I know it felt like the show was ending. It will be weird but I think the other characters might be strong enough to carry it for a while.

    @Ebun: I know and then he was surprised when it finally went in. And yeah it's too bad. I guess he just felt it was time for the show to end but he was the only one who thought that.

  7. Good wrap up! I will admit that I, too, shed a few tears...along with the proposal...

    Also, awesome point about the never using the footage in 7 years, HAHAHA :)


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