May 1, 2011


So week one of the new and improved the blog you're about to read and I'm definitely liking the new format. I know it's not terribly different from before but still. So my stories are now going to be Thursdays except last week I was to busy since I'm training someone at work and I procrastinated too much so it actually went up Friday.  I bet no one really even noticed. Anyway.

A few weeks ago I announced that I was finally going to get started on my photo project. It totally helped that when I posted saying I was starting it, Smile Soup (don't think I know your real name...) told me that she's been eagerly awaiting my results which motivated me to actually do it!  Or at least start it. I finished off my first two rolls and sent them out to be developed and should have them back by the end of the week. Oooo! Hopefully I can use them for Foto Friday! So that took care of about half the list of things I was given to find. I'll try to get out and work on the rest of the list this week.

And I believe that that should about do it for this week.  Ciao ciao!


  1. Cyanide and Happiness always make me smile. :)

  2. That thing you mentioned about not posting the story until Friday but you didn't think anybody noticed.... I totally noticed it. That's the extent of my dedication to The Blog You're About To Read.


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