May 7, 2011

NOT cool.

To my lovely readers: I apologize for this this post. 
To the CRAZY, INSANE, STALKER: Leave me the FUCK alone.

Seriously. You would think that when I refuse to take phone calls, don't return emails/messages, block on Facebook AND Twitter, that someone would take then hint.

Especially when the one time I did return a message my response was:
I DONT KNOW YOU, YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME OTHER THAN WHAT I LOOK LIKE. This shit is seriously CRAZY and NEEDS TO STOP immediately. DO NOT post on your facebook about me . DO NOT bother my friends. I DO NOT KNOW YOU and NEVER WANT TO. LEAVE ME ALONE FOREVER. I NEVER want to hear from you EVER AGAIN or and DO NOT want to talk to you EVER. I BLOCKED YOU FOR A FUCKING REASON!!!!

I don't know how to be more clear. There is no way I have sent any mixed signals. Especially when I've been dating REAL guys in REAL life all this time. RIDDLE ME THAT!!!!!!!!!

AHHHHHH!!@!@!@!@!! ::ANGER:: >:( Stupid internet.


  1. Aw... best of luck trying to get rid of said stalker.

    I have one too, under weird circumstances.. I was advised to just ignore her. I have been for some time, but sometimes I wonder if she still stalks and hates on me like she used to.

    Try not to let this person get to you... if you can ignore them, do so. But there's no use having your happiness ruined by some random unimportant person... =(

    Take good care.

  2. I've had my share of stalkers....completely sucks. I've had to change my phone numbers 4 times (and then call the school, work, internship, etc. announcing the change). I've had to change my email addresses, etc. It's a pain in the ass....people just can't seem to take a hint these days. I just have to shake my head and move on I guess.

  3. PS I wanted to twitterstalk you but I couldn't find the link, so I guess I'll just stick to blogspotstalking you. :P

  4. He really needs to learn to take a hint! And really, ignoring him via all forms of communication isn't a subtle hint; it kinda screams, "I don't want to talk to you!" lol.

    How did he find you in the first place? It doesn't sound like you knew him in real life, but maybe he just found your blog?

  5. But, according to James Bond:

    "Fifty 'no's' and one 'yes' ...means 'yes.'"


  6. @Krista: Thanks! I have been ignoring him but somehow that hasn't worked. After this post, tho I'm not acknowledging him anymore. He thinks stuff I've been posting was directed at him. CRAZY PERSON!

    @Ashley: Why can't people just be normal?

    @Lauren: I know you would think! He found me on Facebook. I ignored him there till he posted "I love you" on my wall and then I blocked him.

    @Idaho: What about 100 "no's" and 0 "yes's"?


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