May 18, 2011

Chill Out, Kirk, We're Here for the Movie

Good evening world! I almost didn't do a post today out of laziness/lack of a post idea. Then I remembered something I wanted to post about! One of my real life friends, Mike,(that's right, I have [at least] one!) has started his own blog! Since my blogging (and nagging) is what motivated him to finally start it, (he had thought about it way long ago but hadn't made it happen), I feel responsible for the success of his blog and hence am plugging it here. He also said he wants to guest post for me sometime so you can all look forward to that! 

"thespotlightreview" is a movie review blog. To quote his blog:
"The reason my blog is called The Spotlight Review is that along with reviews of movies, TV shows, etc.  I want to put a spotlight (pun intended) on a movie or TV show that I want to specifically recognize.

"Now most of the time it will probably be a positive reason, although at times I might want to highlight a movie so horrible that I just can’t restrain from commenting."

So there you have it. Any cinephiles (and everyone else too), go now and subscribe! And he won't be boring and review the latest hit movie that you just saw last week, he's bringing you awesome movies that you might not have heard of otherwise. And he has good taste, in my opinion.

Sorry for the squeezed video, couldn't find a better one.


  1. Awesome, I love movies I might not have heard about! (That sounded way less sincere and way more sarcastic than intended, I suck at communicating.) Good luck, Lauren's friend!

  2. Well, Gilmore Girls is the best way to seal the deal on how awesome Spotlight is. Although, all it makes me do is also miss that show and make me want to be Lorelai Gilmore.


  3. @Liddy: I took it as sincere! Mike will be trilled to have you as a reader!

    @Karate Kid: That's what I was going for! Kinda. I want to Lorelai too. My favorite compliment ever was when I was told I reminded someone of her :)


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