Mar 16, 2011

Yesterday Was Tuesday, Today It Is Wednesday, Tomorrow Will Be Thursday

Remember last week when I preempted a promised story for a guest post? And promised to bring you one this week unless something really important comes up? I seriously was  only kidding at the time about that and planned on having a story for you but then Stacey from CAPS (parentheses) and exclamation marks! tweeted me this video and told me to blog about it. I got home and watched it on my laptop and was like what the fuck? But didn't really think it was worth a blog post. Then I watched it AGAIN and lost my shit. Anyway, watch this first, and then we can talk about it. (Also I didn't feel like drawing today, but that's besides the point.)

Holy fuck balls. How much does my brain hurt trying to comprehend this one? My first response was that this song is basically the most boring 13 year old's journal entry put to music. "Today I did nothing remotely compelling, fun fun fun fun"
I'm just going to break it down, criticism by criticism. 
1) "Gotta get to the bus stop, gotta catch my bus, I see my friends" Why did she have to go to the bus stop when she doesn't seem surprised to see her friends who are picking her up instead?
2) Why is she so excited about a) that her friends are "kicking in the front seat, sitting in the back seat" and b) which seat WILL SHE CHOOSE?!? btw, there was only one seat left? Unless she's a total bitch who's like bitch, I'm riding shotgun I don't care that you were there first.
3) She can't really sing.
4) Ok so they're all in the car. She's 13 so she either has friends who are way older or no one should actually be driving. AND the three in the back seat didn't want to actually sit in their seats and are instead sitting/standing on the edge of the car, "cruising down the highway." Hey kids! It's cool to be unsafe while riding in the car with your unlicensed friend!
5) Seriously the thing about where she's going to sit is a repeated bridge? How hard is it to decide where to sit?!? and she's already in the damn car!
6) Now some dude seemingly unrelated to the rest of the video is rapping about where he's sitting in his car? Uhhh?
7) A list of my favorite lyrics:
Gotta catch my bus, I see my friends
Which seat can I take?
Fun, fun, fun, fun
Fun, fun, think about fun
My friend is by my right
Yesterday was Thursday, Today it is Friday. We we we so excited, we so excited. 
Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards.

Such good songwriting here. And that's really who's to blame not the creepy Rebecca Black girl (she and her friends are seriously creepy looking when they look into the camera right?). Rebecca just wanted to be a singer, (I'm not going to touch the ridiculous bio on her website), and someone thought "Why not? Who care's if we have to use computers to make her sound at all decent?"

Well that's my pointless rant. I just thought it would be fun to jump on the bandwagon, maybe get some search engine hits... 

In response to my post of this video on Facebook, one of my friends posted this:

This one actually is a joke, from How I Met Your Mother, but very reminiscent of Friday. So if nothing else was good about this post for you at least you got that.


  1. I saw this video earlier tonight, and it is possibly the worst piece of shit I've ever seen in my life. And yet, there's something so compelling about it. A friend described her as the love child of Ke$ha and Bieber.

    And THANK YOU for picking up on the 13 year olds drivings cars part! Everyone seems to ignore that in favour of the stupid lyrics...

  2. PS. The Robin Sparkles video is a masterpiece in comparison...

  3. You make me laugh/smile WAY too much. :)

  4. @Melbourne: To be fair, the lyrics are so bad, their hard to get past.

    @Stacey: That's what I was going for!

  5. The song is so bad that it makes MacArthur Park seem like a great song by comparison, and that's a song about a melting cake!

  6. I agree with this statement!!!!!:

    The Robin Sparkles video is a masterpiece in comparison...

  7. @Rob & Ebun: I agree with both of you! Too bad Weird Al isn't still making music. One of his parodies of this would be a-MAZING.

  8. 1. I just saw the Friday video yesterday and OMG...poor girl. Except she has like 30,000,000 views on YouTube...sooooo, is she successful? Time will tell. She's no Beiber, though.

    2. I love the Robin Sparkles video. Sometimes it get stuck in my head...but not the whole thing and I just repeat, "Let's go to the!" over and over and over. Needless to say, not ideal but also oddly phenomenal at the same time!


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