Mar 15, 2011

Keep Cool My Babies

Even if you don't love him like I do, Conan and Team Coco are definitely worth the follows. Quality comedy inside! I'm starting to think my Conan obsession is getting out of hand.


Team Coco on Tumblr

I scoured the internet and could not find a clip of Conan saying "keep cool my babies." Oh well, sucks to be anyone who will never be able to understand this post's title.


  1. I have no effin clue what kept me from following them on twitter :| and tumblr and everywhere else!

  2. I tried doing a quick search of my own, and although I didn't find anything, this blog was the 5th option. Yay Lauren for exposure! :D

  3. @apfel that's what I'm here for!

    @Stacey it's what he used to say to get the audience to settle down before starting his monologue back whenhe was on Late Night. That's awesome that I'm getting up there in Google searches!

  4. I love Conan, and I got the reference immediately... I love when he does the puppet dance, too.

    For the longest time, when my mom would turn on her phone, the little message that showed up before the phone turned all the way on was Keep Cool My Babies :D

  5. @Wes: That's why you're awesome :)

  6. What happened to your Rebecca Black post? I read it in Google reader and was going to comment, but I got 404'd and couldn't comment. Sad day.

  7. Hmm weird. I edited something and I thought I hit publish but I guess accidentally hit "Save as Draft" and it was in my drafts. Its back now comment away.


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