Feb 10, 2011

Oh, Conzie; My Conzie.

I know all my friends, especially those who are on Facebook freqently, are probably so fed up with my Conan O'Brien posts but fuck it, I can't think of anything else I want to talk about. So today is a tribute to Conan's infinite hilarity.

To my friends: Sorry.

For everyone else: Here are all the videos I posted on FB when Conan was starting his new show. Enjoy! (P.S. Sorry for how this post is going to slowdown your internet for the next 5 minutes.)

I haven't anticipated anything this much since the last time I anticipated something this much.


  1. I flick my bean to COCO! Keep it coming!!! I'm so in love with him!!

  2. Chocolate and dinosaurs huh? Does Conan fall into like the second tier of awesome? Glad you have this dedication, because your right, Conan is the f'n man!


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