Jan 25, 2011

Fairly McBeal

I don't know if anyone read my post announcing my days' themes but if you did, I came up with a good one so I slid "Tumblr" over to Thursday to go with "Twitter" so its now both which will made Thurdays' posts double awesome, and made Tuesday TV day. YAY TV DAY!!!! I don't know why, but I feel like writing about TV doesn't fit into the vibe of what I ultimately want my blog to be, but TV is such a big part of my life that it doesn't make sense to exile it from my blog just yet. Also most of the "themes don't fit in so why be picky about media entering in? Next week there won't be an intro to posts explaining my themes, as much fun as reading that everyday would be... I think maybe I'll make an icon to denote what's happening. Anyway. So stand back and enjoy: TV Tuesday:

Last week I watched the premier of Fairly Legal (USA) and it was about what I expected it to be. Actually it was better because the promos made it look a lot like another USA show that was new this summer, Covert Affairs. Let me step into the way back machine and recap what you didn't miss by not watching Covert Affairs.

Covert Affairs is about the girl from Coyote Ugly, "Annie," being a spy who does work similar to that of Jason Bourne (her job was supposed to be the same as his, which apparently really exists but who cares?). Promos made it look fun and awesome, at least for female viewers, but it was boring, hard to buy into, and didn't feel like anything I'd seen ever in a Bourne movie.  The worst part of this shows pilot was when the actress who played Amber aka "Cut-Throat Bitch" on House, who didn't know Annie was a spy, said the line:"You're like the worst liar. You'd make a terrible spy."  to Piper Perabo (yes I do actually know her name) which was supposed to get a massive laugh. I cringed and wondered what normal, everyday person matches up "liar" with "spy." I personally match up "liar" with "cheating boyfriend" and "spy" with "breaking-into-places-to-retrieve-classified-information person." Am I right or am I right? Either way, back to Fairly Legal...

So promos for Fairly Legal look basically identical to that of Covert Affairs which means they made the show look like it would be fun and awesome. Unlike the disappointment that was the latter, the Fairly Legal pilot was fresh, compelling (as compelling as a show aimed at the female demo can be) and features a feisty female lead that could give Jason Bourne a run for his money in a court-ordered mediation. Oh yeah, she (sorry no, I don't know her name yet and I'm not looking it up) works for her father's law firm as an ex-lawyer mediator.My initial perception is that she's like a zesty Ally McBeal.Yes, I said 'zesty.' I'd say give it a watch if you have time. I mistakenly took the time to watch it on Hulu forgetting that USA would be running it about 12 times a day for the next two weeks. (I watched it again when I found it playing on TV as well). Especially if you loved Ally McBeal, because who doesn't love legal dramadies?

Speaking of Ally McBeal, 5 years late to the party but I just started watching Calista Flockhart's "new" show Brothers & Sisters and it's awesome to see her on TV again... although she may have left the show this season. But I digress. Watch that one if you like Modern Family and Parenthood, but wish they were swooshed into one show and there were less children.

Tune in tomorrow for "Wacky Wednesday"... I'm still not sure what that means... or wait till next week for a, hopefully more focused, less rambling edition of TV Tuesday!

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