Jan 23, 2011

Exciting (for me but maybe not for you) News!

::3/5/11 UPDATE:: Tuesday's icon has changed, and now you can click on Monday, Friday and Saturday's  icons to see more posts from that category!

In an attempt to get into the habit of blogging more regularly without boring potential viewers with the blah day-to-day that is my life, I have created a schedule for myself:

Photo Monday: These will usually be a photo of something awesome/hilarious that I took myself, unless I stumble across something on the internet that MUST be shared.

Tumblr/Twitter Tuesday: I will post something awesome that I found on each Tumblr and Twitter.

Wildcard Wednesday: Could be just about anything! (But will probably be something I found on the internet that amuses me.)

TV Thursday: We'll have something relating somehow to my favorite thing in the whole world.

Recipe Friday A recipe I either adore/created/want-to-try.

Storytime Saturday: Eventually I want my blog to be all funny stories from my life either past or present but to pace myself lets go for one per week to get me started

Spontaneity Sunday: Another day for something random but I'll probably write about something that happened to me during the week rather than something I found in the interweb.
<- That's supposed to be confetti/streamers.... I know. But how do you draw spontaneity?

Feedback is more than appreciated so that I know which themes are winners and which are flaming bags of dog poo.
Oh, BTW, yesterday I stepped in dog poo...IN MY APARTMENT!!!!!!@!!!!@#!!#@!

Update: I discovered that I never got around to picking a Sunday theme. Silly me!  It will henceforth be "Spontaneous Sunday." Sunday will probably be the only day that I really just mention something about myself that's more about me than other people.Or it may turn out to be a lot like Wednesdays since it will just be random stuff.


  1. HA HA HA!!! I did too! Barefoot!

  2. I had socks on so it was a little better than barefoot :)


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